New startup G-ME designs blockchain-based GPS tracker for increased security and peace of mind

By February 15, 2018

The future is unknown and we never know what accident might lay around the corner. People get lost hiking, children get separated from guardians, or an ailing parent can take a spill while nobody is home. 

Though worrying about the morbid unknown is not productive, taking preventative measures is. And in all of these scenarios, a simple GPS tracker could be the difference between a situation of total panic, and a situation under control.

G-ME GPS Tracker

The startup G-ME has come up with their wearable GPS tracker, which they are looking to make a reality through funding efforts.

The tracker was created to help solve issues that arrive in the day-to-day, like tracking down a lost bag while traveling, as well as emergency situations.

According to the US Department of Justice, about 340,500 children every year become separated from their parents for at least an hour. Additionally, according to the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the leading cause of death and injury among aging Americans is accidents such as falls.

Pedro Herranz

Pedro Herranz – Co-Founder & CEO at G-ME

The creators at G-ME hope some of these scenarios could be improved greatly by a simple GPS-tracker keychain.

“We are very excited to be launching our G-ME tracking device, using CROWN’s blockchain technology, to allow for a greater sense of security among loved ones. Now, thanks to G-ME, family members can take comfort knowing their loved ones are in safe hands, with a trusted and secure GPS device,” states Pedro Herranz, CEO and Co-founder of G-ME.

The device, which can be worn as a keychain or a watch, can be programmed by the user using GPS technology to have their location constantly beamed to an app on a recipients phone. And because the device is designed with blockchain technology, the GPS data is secure and only shared with the linked tracking account.

The G-ME could impact the lives of thousands who previously had no recourse to find lost items or loved-ones. And has the potential to make the world a safer, easier place in which to live.