Serial Entrepreneur Re-Launches EWC Presenter As Visme, Aims To Re-Imagine The Way We Create Visual Content

By April 22, 2014

If you haven’t had a need for visual digital content recently, you probably haven’t been trying hard enough.

As serial entrepreneur Payman Tai explains, visualization, at its heart, is about “how to present information in new and interesting ways.”

Whether you run a business or support a church group, visual displays can improve your efficacy and spread your message.

Which doesn’t mean it’s easy to do, or cheap. “Everything has changed because of the internet, but what hasn’t is how hard it is for most people to engage with their digital content in the way they want and need to,” says Tai, the founder of Easy WebContent.

Until now.

Easy WebContent is announcing the launch of its newest online web tool, Visme, whose mission is to “simplify the ability of anyone to transform their thoughts and ideas into engaging digital content.”

The tool, he explains, is big on behind the scenes power, and small and interface clutter.

“With Visme, we put in the back-end work on our product so that producing and editing visual web content is the intuitive, creative process it should be. Our guiding principle,” says Tai, “is that complex coding and esoteric software should never get in the way of ideas or limit their scope.”

To ensure that, Visme provides users with a minimalist, drag-and-drop interface and easy-to-use sidebar, complete with thousands of free templates, images, and vector outlines that make professional quality visual displays, banners, presentations and animated shorts accessible to anyone with the vision to realize them.

“We never sacrifice functionality for simplicity,” says Tai. “For us, there’s no difference.”


Founded in 2005 in Maryland, Visme is a collaborative effort between professional web designers and developers at HindSite Interactive, Inc., an internet consulting company providing custom web solutions to businesses and organizations since 2001.

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