Realcontacts launches app to humanize digital relationships

By March 9, 2015

Realcontacts announces the public launch of its social app, which aims to bridge the division between our real and digital lives.

San Francisco-based Realcontacts announced the public launch of its social app that promotes face-to-face interactions by showing us the true value of relationships via one user-friendly platform.

Realcontacts developed the app based on the cornerstones of a relationship — value, reflexivity, reciprocity and cultivation.

With this in mind, if a user meets someone for the first time they can add the person to their Realcontacts list easily. However, they won’t be able to share feedback through the app or evaluate meetings until they mutually connect through the “Joining” feature, done only in person.

According to the BBC, social networks can cause negative health effects —especially to young users — as they tend to reduce overall levels of face-to-face contact.

“The impact that the overuse of social media is having on our lives can be seen all around us. The most common effect is when couples are sitting at a restaurant not even looking at each other, posting a ‘status’ on their phones,” says Realcontacts Founder and CEO Maurizio Tripi. “We developed Realcontacts to help us reflect on our interactions, to reinvigorate the meaning of cultivating dynamic relationships with those around us,” he adds.

Founded in 2011, Real Contacts is a company committed to giving insights and tools to value our real life relationships. The Realcontacts app is a new mobile app that lets you get the best from your relationships and shows you how others perceive you.

Users can tap on “Meeting Check-In” to check in to a meeting and record the date, time, location and individuals attending. Based on their meeting, users can then tap “Meeting Evaluation” to rate the meeting according to their own personal value system. Value system labels within the app are fully customizable and can be anything from “Fun” to “Patience”, and “Reciprocity”, all of which have a set value that can be increased or decreased depending on the experience.

Developed by veteran international entrepreneurs, IT professionals and academics, the Realcontacts app allows users to easily connect with their friends, set up face to face meetings, and evaluate their encounters to ultimately gain a fresh perspective on their real life interactions and relationships.