Pickit Raises $2.7 Million to Expand Microsoft Office Sales

By November 28, 2018

Pickit, the award-winning image service that empowers organizations to create work presentations and documents with higher impact and efficiency, today announced it has secured $2M in funding from Investment AB Spiltan, a Swedish investment firm. Previous investors have also added $700K, bringing the new round of funding up to 2.7M in total.

Pickit was started in 2013 and has offices in Seattle, USA, and Visby, Sweden. Pickit is an all-in-one image service that lives inside Office 365, enabling organizations to store and share company assets right inside PowerPoint and Word. The award-winning add-in gives employees access to unlimited photos, clipart and slide designs; 100% Legally Cleared™, compliant and free to use for anything.

“Thanks to this new funding, we can realize our sales motion and further expand our services to help empower more businesses around the globe and create better brand perception through employees,” said Henrik Bergqvist, Founder & Co-CEO of Pickit.

Unlike traditional asset management systems built solely with brand police and managers in mind, Pickit is engineered for the end-user, and designed to be used inside the programs they’re already using. The Microsoft Office add-in also gives employees access to unlimited photos, clipart, and slide designs; 100% Legally Cleared™, compliant and free to use for anything.

The latest round of funding will be used to secure new partnerships and realize sales motion with the three largest distributors and vendors of Microsoft software, Pickit aims to sell these partnership services to both new Office 365 customers and current customers.

Over 1 million companies around the world currently use Microsoft 365 in their business operations. Many of these companies struggle with finding compliant images and brand assets to use in their documents and presentations. By using the Pickit add-on, these businesses can easily access brand assets and use an unlimited compliant photo library to build more impactful presentations and better represent their companies.

Disclosure: This article includes a client of an Espacio portfolio company