Mobile First Entertainment Platform Gives Back to Content Creators

By May 7, 2015

Mobile First entertainment has launched a platform which offers personalized video channels for performers and content creators via its video app.

The world of online media is changing, and more and more people are turning to their mobile phones to view their favorite shows and performers. YouTube alone receives more than half its views from smartphones and, in 2014, overall mobile phone internet usage surpassed laptops and computers for the first time.

Now MFE has launched a platform that offers personalized video channels for performers via the MFE video app. Each performer will have their own branded site, including their own content and social media channels, and will receive the majority of income (75%) generated by their online videos. The creators of MFE all come from acting or production backgrounds, and have experienced the tough times faced by up and coming content producers trying to make it in the showbiz world.

“Mobile video is trending as most Millennials don’t watch TV at all! We are capitalizing on the explosion of Mobile video engagement and the advertising that comes with it. MFE genuinely believes that this is the way forward for performers in the modern digital age.” Mobile First Entertainment CEO and Co-founder Saif Rahman.

While the platform lends itself well to would be YouTube stars, the founders stress that MFE app can help people from all backgrounds who create video material and want more control over their digital profile. Artists, bloggers, teachers, musicians and sports stars could all benefit from becoming a part of the MFE community, and see their video revenue boom, giving them financial support which leaves them free to create and share, rather than scrabbling to find funding for their projects.

Available now for free download on iOS and Android devices, MFE is an app designed with the underdog in mind.