KickOn Launches Tinder-style app to Manage Facebook Events

By May 5, 2015

KickOn’s recently launched Android mobile app now allows users to manage Facebook events with the swipe of a finger.

KickOn aims to take over the role of Facebook events with easy-to-use tinder style party and event platform, following the trend of other Facebook functions that have been unbundled by programs such as Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Whatsapp.

Sydney-based KickOn announced it’s android launch and new party planning web-portal which aims to change the way people party. The new platform makes it easy to find and publicize events to people in your area.

Users no longer need to scroll through all the other noise on Facebook to find events they actually want to attend. Universities, student associations and thousands of others are using the app to host parties that only invitees with the right QR code can enter. It’s a safer solution than Facebook events.

“KickOn has been used as a way for fraternities and house party hosts to attract the best people to their parties, while also controlling who attends. They set up the party, invite their friends then vet people in the area based on their profile and reputation to see if they want to send them the address. The other side of the app is people wanting to discover parties and events. Broaden your social group with a swipe of a finger, and meet fun and interesting new people in a safe, and organized manner.” Charles Stewart, CEO and Founder of KickOn.

Event organizers rate the attendees, so if anyone causes a scene or ruins the vibe, they will receive a bad rating on their profile. Reputation is everything with KickOn. One bad performance after one too many beers can earn you a party pooper rating and put people off accepting your invite request in the future. However being the life and soul of an event will earn you high ratings, more invites and the chance to win the prestigious Van Wilder monthly party award.