European startup accelerator streamlines access to U.S. tech market

By August 19, 2014

A Budapest-based startup accelerator has made great strides in streamlining European access to the U.S. tech market.

Founded by a team of entrepreneurs and early-stage investors with years of startup experience, Traction Tribe’s constant eye toward U.S. investment standards — cultivated through its Los Angeles operations and active English-language blog — have set it aside as a dynamic international facilitator, introducing forward-thinking European talent to the U.S. market and investment culture.

“At Traction Tribe, we bring a perspective that draws equally from our time as entrepreneurs and experience as funders. We recognize the very real difficulties of going from the European mindset and adapting to the idiosyncrasies of U.S. investment, but we also understand the essential tools and resources our partners need to develop,” says Traction Tribe Founder and CEO, Peter Kadas.

Participants benefit from the mentorship of over 40 internationally trained and diversely specialized experts, and can expect to receive seed-funding and a functional education in U.S. standard investment practice, finance and accounting law, and even business-oriented English vocabulary.

With the right training and the right business model,” Kadas says, “we’ve seen that European tech companies can become players on the international level.”

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