eSalon revolutionizing the hair beauty industry by taking to the web

By November 13, 2014

It is now easier than ever to get the hair color you want with e-commerce site, eSalon, that just announced its 1,000,000 custom hair color.

The web platform’s growth goes hand in hand with increased commerce on the online retail market. In the next three years, online retail sales are expected to grow by around $100 billion as consumers get more and more comfortable with making purchases online.

“The worldwide online-retail market is growing every day and it is only going to get bigger. Our brand, and the professional service that we provide, assures our customers that they are not only getting the correct product, but also great value for money,” explains eSalon co-founder Omar Mourad.

Founded by the group of cosmetic and tech experts Omar Mourad, Cory Rosenberg, Tamim Mourad, and Francisco Gimenez, eSalon looks to provide salon-going customers with a new way to tackle DIY hair coloring. Together with a their team of professionals, headed by Paris-trained Estelle Baumhauer and celebrity colorist AJ Lordet, eSalon seek to combine expert knowledge with affordability. eSalon personalized hair colors can be up too 75% cheaper than traditional hair salon prices.

eSalon is rapidly winning over customers with cheap prices, quality products, and a variety of colors, in a business that has traditionally been very hands on and personal in hair salons.

“What the online market sometimes lacks with particular products is the complete trust of the customer. Hair, for the individual, is delicate topic, but eSalon has already established itself as a credible and reliable provider of coloring products in the online beauty sector,” stated co-founder Cory Rosenberg.

The 1,000,000th hair color application puts eSalon close to reaching 100% year-over-year revenue growth.

eSalon is a web based platform that provides customers with the perfect hair color, custom blended and bottled for their individual desires and requirements founded by professional hairstylists. With this new milestone, the company based in Culver City will take its business model one step further and ensure the best results for its customers at a fraction of the cost charged by hair salons.