ATECH* Tech Event To Take Place In Emerging Tech-Paradise of Aruba

By May 7, 2015

ATECH*  has announced its launch of a new tech event in the Caribbean paradise island of Aruba, offering entrepreneurs and startups a chance to contribute to the emerging tech and eco hub of Aruba.

ATECH* is the parent company of the conference and its upcoming accelerator, among other initiatives. ATECH*’s mission is to turn Aruba into the Silicon Beach of the Caribbean.  It is now receiving applications for the 2-day tech demo event, which will take place in Oranjestad August 28th and 29th 2015.

The social, economic and environmental landscape of Aruba is changing rapidly. The most popular of the 3 Dutch Caribbean islands, located just 4 hours from New York and 3 hours from Miami, has been historically popular with sun-searching tourists from the U.S and further afield.

In recent years, Aruba has tried to move away from its image as a playground for the rich and famous and initiated a push towards sustainable tourism and green energy. Aruba was awarded the National Geographic World Legacy Award in March 2015 for “Destination Leadership”, in recognition for its efforts to make tourism on the island more sustainable and environmentally friendly for the benefit of the local population of Aruba and generations to come.

Using its 2 day tech event as a catalyst for positive economic change, ATECH* aims to cultivate a startup ecosystem in Aruba and create a new economic pillar to further push forward social and economic development on the island.

Says ATECH* Co-founder Varelie Croes, “Aruban residents speak 4 to 5 languages, including Dutch, Spanish and English which removes the language barrier for prospective business interests on the island and opens the door to providing employment for locals in bi-lingual international commerce. We believe this conference is the first step into turning Aruba into a tech hub,”